Meetings: Wednesdays at 7pm

Ages: 5-18

Trail Life USA is a Church-Based, Christ-Centered, Boy-Focused mentoring and discipleship journey that speaks to the heart of a boy. Established on timeless values derived from the Bible and set in the context of outdoor adventure, boys from Kindergarten through 12th grade are engaged in a Troop setting by male mentors where they are challenged to grow in character, understand their purpose, serve their community, and develop practical leadership skills to carry out the mission for which they were created.


Christ-Centered. Boy-Focused.

Too many boys are turning to virtual worlds of television, video games, digital media, and the internet to find realms they can conquer and areas where they can excel. The result of this virtual conquest is often apathy, apparent rebellion, or outright resistance to real-world challenge.

Trail Life USA is an environment where boys thrive! Adults are equipped to lead a program in a structured outdoor environment where boys are engaged in real-world challenge and experience camping, hiking, and fishing; they develop skills in riflery, archery, and canoeing; and learn character and leadership in a practical hands-on manner that is naturally engaging.

In the outdoors, the experience of adults is never obsolete; boys find mentors, fathers and sons connect, important relationships are fostered, and boys find opportunity to achieve significant accomplishment.

ADVENTURE > Character > leadership

Boys seem to say, “Tell me who’s with me, who’s in charge, and what our mission is.” The Trail Life Patrol Method empowers boys and effectively answers these questions. Boys are guided competently by adults who have been trained, background-checked, and educated in child safety and youth protection. When boys are empowered and provided with proper structure, they rise to the occasion and conquer significant challenges. As boys grow in confidence, character, and leadership, they experience intentional rites of passage that recognize their progress and mark steps in their journey to manhood.


Boys on the Woodlands Trail (Kindergarten through 5th grade) gain knowledge about outdoor skills, citizenship, character, friendship, and faith through fun activities, awards, and skill instruction.

As Navigators, boys in grades 6-8 gain understanding of their values and beliefs under the guidance of godly male role models through being responsible in outdoor adventures and in their home and school life. They explore areas of interest and earn Trail Badges for advancement.

As Adventurers, young men in 9-12th grades mature in wisdom and faith through more difficult challenges and leadership activities with Christian men walking alongside. They plan and lead outdoor events and large projects while exercising leadership positions in the Troop, even mentoring some of the younger Trailmen.


The Motto: Walk Worthy

Colossians 1:10—“…that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God;…”


On my honor,

I will do my best

To serve God and my country;

To respect authority;

To be a good steward of creation;

And to treat others as I want to be treated.


Purity: God calls us to lives of holiness, being pure of heart, mind, word, and deed. We are to reserve sexual activity for the sanctity of marriage, a lifelong commitment before God between a man and a woman.

Service: God calls us to become responsible members of our community and the world through selfless acts that contribute to the welfare of others.

Stewardship: God calls us to use our God-given time, talents, and money wisely.

Integrity: God calls us to live moral lives that demonstrate an inward motivation to do what is biblically right regardless of the cost.


Woodlands Trail – The Forest award for each level (Foxes, Hawks, and Mountain Lions) based on completion of activities in 7 branches (program areas). Mountain Lions are eligible to earn the Timberline award as they finish out their Woodlands Trail program and prepare to move to the Navigators Unit.

Navigators – Able Trailman and Ready Trailman ranks are earned based on completion of Trail Badges, leadership, service, and participation.

Adventurers – Horizon and Freedom awards based completion of badges, leadership, service and participation. The Freedom Award is the highest award and requires the completion of the Majors & Minors Program and a Servant Leadership Project.

Other awards – Religious recognitions and other awards are also available.


  • Patrick Barnes, troopmaster

    Email: TL@metrosouthwinds.org

    Phone: 972-223-8080, ext 105

  • kim davis, troop treasurer

    Email: TL@metrosouthwinds.org

    Phone: 972-223-8080, ext 105

  • thomas spann, troop chaplain

    Email: TL@metrosouthwinds.org

    Phone: 972-223-8080, ext 105

  • londa salazar, troop ministry liason

    Email: TL@metrosouthwinds.org

    Phone: 972-223-8080, ext 105